Choose from 5 savory base ingredients to start the foundation for your bowl.

  • Jasmine – Imported from Southeast Asia, our jasmine rice is light, fluffy and prepared with coconut milk.
  • Brown Rice – Packed with nutrients and protein, our whole grain brown rice has a chewy, hearty flavor and is great way to fuel up.
  • Chilled Rice Noodles – A Southeast Asia favorite, our semi transparent rice noodles are cooked and chilled to perfection, adding contrast and comfort at the same time.
  • Mixed Greens – Sourced locally whenever possible, our fresh salad is a mix of dark and light crisp, seasonal tossed fresh salad greens.
  • Foosia Flat Bread (add $1.50) – Also known as scallion pancakes, our chewy, flaky and savory flat bread is inspired by the  traditional Chinese restaurant treat.