Delight your senses and infuse your dish with the abundant aromas and exciting flavors of Southeast Asia.

Choose from 7 chef-crafted signature sauces only available at Foosia, Asia Fresh.

  • Red, White, Blue Korean BBQ - Our Korean BBQ is deep, dark, spicy, sweet and mysterious.
  • Okinawan Pineapple Pow - A sweet and fruity take on teriyaki. Pineapple juice and premium soy create this savory glaze.
  • Holy Foobanero - Our habanero hot sauce is enhanced with the tropical flavors of lemongrass, pineapple, and a touch of vinegar.
  • Muay Thai Vinaigrette - Our savory yet punchy little sauce has notes of ginger, tamarind and lime.
  • Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar… - A Malaysian peanut sauce, rich with peanut, dark soy sauce, and coconut milk flavors.
  • Foo Foo Mango-Lime - Our delicious mango sauce is cleverly paired with highly aromatic and palate cleansing Kaffir lime.
  • Fooster Sauce (House Sriracha) - Our take on Sriracha – the classic Thai Hot Sauce.
  • Choose up to 3 sauces, extra sauces are @.25 each