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Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy

Still sticking to your New Year's Resolution to eat healthier? Freshen up your dining at Foosia. We have healthy asian bowls that will refuel you the right way. For under 600 calories, Foosia delivers fresh, flavorful, Asian cuisine for your on-the-go lifestyle. Build your own dish by choosing rice, salad, or a noodle base. Add…
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With the New Year came new reviews, and Foosia got the 4-Star treatment from AZ Central. In its January restaurant roundup, they gave a short, but sweet summation of our fast, fresh, and healthy take on Asian cuisine. Needless to say, this 4-star review made our 1-year anniversary extra special.

"Foosia is a bright and cheerful Asian restaurant that seems to attract customers of all ages...Foosia's step up to the counter and choose your own fresh ingredients take on ordering creates a fun-filled atmosphere. The menu is short, but easily customizable. If you are looking for a fast, yet healthy restaurant, Foosia is the perfect place to check out."


They're here! Our seven, sweet, spicy, and savory sauces are now available for purchase. Recently featured on Restaurant Live AZ, our sauces deliver authentic Asian flavor with a kick.

Use them as a sauce for your stir fry or as a dressing for your salad. The only trouble is, which one will you choose?

Foosia’s signature sauces are priced at $9 and include:

  1. Red, White & Blue Korean BBQ – Korean BBQ: deep, dark, spicy, sweet and mysterious.
  2. Holy Foobanero – Habanero Hot Sauce enhanced with the tropical flavors of lemongrass, pineapple, and a touch of vinegar.
  3. Muay Thai Vinaigrette – A savory yet punchy little sauce with notes of ginger, tamarind and lime.
  4. Two Nuts Walk Into A Bar… – Malaysian Peanut Sauce rich in the flavors of peanuts, dark soy sauce, and coconut milk.
  5. Foo Foo Mango-Lime – Delicious mango cleverly paired with highly aromatic and palate cleansing Kaffir lime.
  6. Okinawan Pineapple Pow – Sweet and fruity teriyaki: pineapple juice and premium soy create this savory glaze.
  7. Fooster Sauce – Our take on Sriracha–the classic Thai Hot Sauce